Alert Financial Services ("AFS") provides consultation, facilitation and management of confidential asset protection structures, estate / succession planning, tax consequence evaluation, and set-up and administration of bespoke "Family Offices."

The genesis of AFS was an international research study that was conducted in response to various allegations of impropriety committed by some very prestigious international wealth management operators in regards to their fiduciary responsibilities. Our objective is to assist high net-worth individuals in navigating the often murky waters of the international ("offshore") trust and asset protection world.

Though formally domiciled in Nassau, Bahamas, AFS maintains strategic partnerships in jurisdictions as far away as Mauritius and as close as BVI and Panama.

Why Alert Financial Services?

AFS is not just another company marketing Trust services. We are consultants advising in proper international structures be it corporate business or personal asset protection. AFS operates in collaboration with vetted strategic partners in numerous global jurisdictions working hand in hand with each client to establish a unique structure (or if necessary restructure or re-domicile) to meet the unique needs of the client.

Wealth is constantly under threat of litigation, aggressive taxation, estate challenges and much more in today's environment. Anyone with substantial assets must consider a proactive strategy should they wish to keep them. More and more informed and sophisticated individuals are seeking asset protection, estate management and tax mitigation via various legal international private and commercial asset protection mechanisms. A huge impediment in this process is discovering the right people or organization with true moral integrity whom you can trust, and who will operate in your best interest. We are confident that as you get to know our organization, you will find the very kind of trust that you need.

Once you get to know us, our backgrounds and the substantial entities backed by Lloyd's of London who represent the foundation of our group, we are certain you will be absolutely confident that placing your 'trust' in AFS is absolutely the right thing to do. 'Carpe Diem.'

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Alert Financial Services